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Patient Testimonies

Patient feedback is greatly valued and continually monitored in order for us to be responsive and work on them to make any changes, if necessary.

Below is a collection of patient testimonies who have received high-quality care from Dr. Pipps Joseph Thankathoni and have had a successful treatment outcome.

Thank you to all the patients who were willing to share their experience.  


Tissy [Swansea, UK]

"For 15 years, I have been suffering from severe migraines. I have tried several different treatment options but none were effective. Then, I thought to try out Homoeopathy and contacted Dr. Pipps Joseph Thankathoni. I was put on a 6-month treatment plan which has recently been completed. Now, my headache has been completely cured. I am very pleased with the result. Thank you Dr. Pipps Joseph Thankathoni!"


Elsamol [Nottingham, UK]

"We would like to share our experience with the treatment we had from The House of Homoeopathy, Birmingham. 

In 2020, my daughter Elsa had Covid-19 twice and we hear about Dr Pipps Thankathoni and his clinic through one of our friends. We contacted Dr. Pipps and had the treatments for Covid-19 and she recovered completely within a few days. 

She had some issues of hayfever, asthma and pollen allergy. For this, he gave homoeopathic medicines and has fully recovered. On the basis of our experiences, we highly recommend Dr. Pipps Thankathoni and his clinic. No matter what time we call, he is there always happy and ready to respond and help us with any of our concerns. 

Thank you Dr. Pipps Thankathoni for your wonderful services and care!"

Eczema & Asthma

Joshwin [Southend-On-Sea, UK] 

"I would like to share the healing experience of our son who had severe eczema and asthma. Over the past 6-7 years, though using steroids have been useful, we also regularly used Homeopathic medicines from India. We came to know of Dr. Pipps Thankathoni, a Homeopathic doctor in Birmingham and contacted him. Following a detailed case taking, Dr. Pipps was very encouraging and reassured us that we can find a solution by taking the right medicines.  For the past 1 and half years, my son has been under Dr. Pipps’ treatment and we have seen significant improvements in his wheezing and eczema. He now has only mild eczema and the wheezing has completely gone and that is all thanks to Dr. Pipps’ treatment! Thank you so much Dr. Pipps!"



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Rahul [Birmingham, UK]

"A few weeks ago when I tested positive for Covid-19, I came to know of Dr. Pipps Thankathoni and The House of Classical Homeopathy through a friend. On my 4th day of treatment, my main symptoms such as fever, cough, and body pain had fully relieved. Throughout my isolation period, I would consult Dr. Pipps through voice calls and he was always willing to help with any concerns. Thank you Dr. Pipps for your wonderful service! I will be consulting Dr. Pipps for any of my health concerns in the future and will recommend The House of Classical Homeopathy to everyone! Thank you!"



“For many years I have been suffering from IBS and have taken several different allopathic medicines which provided temporary relief. I met Dr. Pipps Thankathoni and he prescribed Homeopathic medicines for me. I have since seen great improvement and I am currently still on Dr. Pipps’ treatment. I strongly recommend Thankathoni: The House of Classical Homeopathy to everyone!”


Albin [Manchester, UK]

"We would like to share with you our experience with Dr. Pipps Thankathoni’s treatment for our son’s vitiligo. Despite consulting dermatologists at the hospital, who prescribed several different ointments and creams, we did not see much improvement. One of my friends introduced me to Dr. Pipps Thankathoni and consequently started Homeopathic treatment. We have found these Homeopathic medicines to be greatly beneficial, as the majority of white patches on my son’s face have returned to their normal skin colour. We are very happy with Dr. Pipps’ treatment and highly recommend it to all who are watching. Thank you, Dr. Pipps!"

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