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Homoeopathy is a science of healing. It is a holistic system where the patient is considered not just by his/her disease, but as a whole person. Homoeopathy treats the patient based on personal health history, body type and current physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. Homoeopathy as it is practiced today was established in the late 18th and early 10th century by Dr Samuel Hahnemann who had graduated with MD in Allopathic Medicine. The practice of Homeopathy is based on the ‘Law of Similars’ – the idea that a substance that causes a set of symptoms in a healthy person will have a curative effect when given to a sick person who is displaying similar symptoms.

The World Health Organisation estimates that over 200 million people worldwide use homoeopathy on a regular basis, making it the second most widely used medical system in the world. 

Benefits of Homeopathy

Natural, Non-Toxic, Non-Addictive Medicines
No side effects
Holistic approach
Boosts Immunity
Effective and safe for all age groups
Safe to be used alongside conventional medicines

Personalised medicine - treatment tailored towards the needs of the individual

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